Are you certified yet? Yes... you!

Hi there!

Katherine here, from Children’s Ministries at the North American Division!

I thought I’d pop up here to talk a little more about the Children’s Ministries Certification that the North American Division offers!

A few years ago, a lot of smart, love-filled, children enthusiast people sat around a table to talk about how they could equip Children’s Ministries leaders from all over the United States, Canada, Guam & Bermuda and they come up with 8 different areas that will help any Children’s Ministry leader grow in knowledge and love.

Today… those areas are known as “Tracks”. One of our goals is that every Children’s Ministry leader in the NAD be able to complete the training in every single one of these areas! Phew! Sounds like a big dream, huh? Well not for Jesus! We really think that with your help, we will be able to equip our leaders!

The 8 tracks are: Understanding Children, Teaching Children, Child Evangelism, Creative Arts, Leadership, Ministering to Parents, Reaching Pastors & Elders & The Presenter Track!

Each track has 10 classes. THAT’S 80 CLASSES! 80 Classes of wonderful information and opportunities for growth! AAANNDDDD (yes, I’m super excited!) on top of the 10 classes per track, we are in the process of writing an additional segment to each track that helps us with the understanding of our special needs children. This segment will enable us to target every single child in our classrooms, churches and homes.

We are currently in the works to add all of our training to an online format with Adventist Learning Community as well. Can you imagine sitting at home, and clicking through fun, interactive, knowledge-filled content and receiving your printable-certificate at the end of your classes?

“Okay, Katherine… just tell us where we can do this training already!”

I know, I know! I’m getting there!

Right now, the best way to get trained is to contact your local Conference. The NAD provides one of our amazing presenters every year to go out to the conferences and equip local leaders with the tools to be certified. You can usually get certified ON A WHOLE TRACK during an event provided by your conference!

If you’re a conference director and you haven’t requested a presenter yet… What are you waiting for? Use THIS LINK to take you to your portal and request one! Gerry, our Associate Director, is waiting for your inquiry!

Remember that AdventSource already has Tracks 1, Track 2, Track 3, & Track 5 available in both Presenter & Participant Booklets for you and your attendees! Most of those are already translated to French & Spanish… and if they’re not, we promise that they're in the works! We are working to finishing up the rest of the Tracks BEFORE 2020!! Yipee!!