Everything you need to know about getting to the westin alexandria


Welcome to Washington, Dc.

Even though our venue isn’t located directly in Washington, D.C, we are just 7 miles from the Pentagon and 8 miles from the National Museum of American History. What does that mean? It means we are SUPER close to D.C.

Because we are so close, we want you to get the FULL EXPERIENCE of the city by taking the METRO to the hotel for the conference. In addition, it will also be the most economic option both for parking at the hotel (parking price not included) and street parking in the city. (Compared to car rentals, Uber & Lyft.)

For those that have never been on the metro in the DMV (D.C, Maryland & Virginia), this might sound like a scary adventure. However, you’ll find that our metro system is state of the art and very easy to use!

Follow these steps to get to our hotel!

  1. Fly into Regan International Airport (DCA). DCA has metro access INSIDE the airport.

  2. Walk over to the Metro Station, and take the Blue or Yellow line to King Street (ONLY TWO STOPS!)

    • If you don’t have a metro card, you may purchase one before you enter the metro station. The card cost $2 + whatever you’d like to put on it. You can even purchase the card ahead of time using THIS LINK.

    • Check the Fares Chart above the kiosks for costs to your station!

    • Check out THIS VIDEO for more information on how to purchase your SmarTrip card!

  3. Once you get to the King Street Station call the hotel (Westin Old Town Alexandria) and request a shuttle at: (703) 253-8600 . They will pick you up within 10 minutes of your phone call!