Operation Wheels.

A kid-helping-kid refugee mission project. 

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Operation Wheels.

You won’t find the word “refugee” in the Bible. But you will find refugees! Some of the most important people in scripture were refugees.

• Jesus and his parents slipped into Egypt to escape Herod’s infanticide.

• The Israelites were delivered from Egyptian tyranny into the Promised Land.

• Early church believers poured out of Jerusalem to save their lives, thus spreading the Gospel into previously unreached parts of the world.

• The Apostle John was exiled on Patmos and while there, wrote the book of Revelation. All fled their homeland because they were singled out by leaders within their own country as targets for persecution. In other words, they were refugees!

Operation Wheels: Kid to Kid Ministry – Welcome to my World!
gives churches and families three experiences to bring awareness about refugees and the immigrant crises in
our nation. Operation Wheels touches the hearts of children and adults! Helping them to be aware of others’
needs and to respond! To respond with generosity, passion and friendship.

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Let's all take part in this beautiful mission!