By: Carol Singletary

Stay where we can see you,” Mom warned. “Remember, if you can’t see us, we can’t see you.”

“And don’t go too far out,” Dad hollered. “The water gets deep fast.”

Anthony and Alex ran toward the water.

“I can beat the waves,” Alex yelled.

The boys ran onto the wet sand and then ran back before the next wave could catch them.

“I am hot,” Anthony said.

“Me too,” Alex agreed.

“Let’s jump the waves so we get wet,” Anthony said. “We won’t go out too far.”

The boys were careful not to go too far out. The water never went over their ankles. But they weren’t paying enough attention to whether they could see Mom and Dad. They were going farther and farther down the beach. They didn’t notice when they passed the lifeguard stand. They didn’t notice when they passed the snow cone stand. They were now quite far from where they were supposed to be.

“Alex,” Anthony called, “the waves are biggest right there. Let’s go there so they splash over us.”

“You can’t catch me,” Alex called as he splashed ahead of Anthony.

“No, you can’t catch me,” Anthony called back as he ran in front of Alex.

Anthony was having so much fun staying ahead of Alex that he didn’t notice that the water that had been splashing his ankles was now over his knees. Alex was so busy trying to catch up with Anthony that he didn’t notice when the water that had been at his knees was up to his chest. And when he caught up with Anthony, neither boy realized until it was too late that the water went over their shoulders.

“Anthony, help me get back. I am standing on tiptoe.”

A big wave picked them up so that their feet did not touch the sandy bottom anymore.

“I can’t tell which way is back,” Alex said, trying to get his head up enough to see anything but sky and water.

“This way,” Anthony said as he pulled Alex’s hand.

Just then another wave pulled them back again.

“The waves keep pulling us back,” Alex said. “The water isn’t getting any shallower.”

“The waves are bigger,” Anthony said as he blinked salt water out of his eyes.

“And faster,” Alex said, trying not to cry.

Anthony looked around trying to decide what to do. He saw a very big man coming right toward him and Alex. He felt himself lifted out of the water. He turned his head and was eye to eye with a very tall lifeguard. He was smiling at him.

“It’s OK now,” the lifeguard said. “I think you went out a little too far.”

Anthony looked around for Alex. He saw that another lifeguard was carrying Alex out of the water.

Mom and Dad were running down the beach as the lifeguards put the boys on the sand. “There you are,” Mom cried.

“We couldn’t find you. We were so worried.”

“Thank you,” Dad said to the lifeguards.

“Thank you,” the boys said together.

That night during worship, Alex said, “I think Jesus is a lot like those lifeguards. He comes to our rescue even when we do something we aren’t supposed to.”

“I am glad the lifeguards saved us even though we didn’t stay where we could see you,” Anthony said.

“I am glad the lifeguard saved you when I got distracted and didn’t see where you were going,” Mom said.

“Jesus loves us and watches us all the time,” Dad said. “And best of all, He forgives us when we do something wrong.”

“Just like you forgave us for the mistake we made today, right?” Alex said.

“Yeah, and tomorrow we will go to the beach again, and we won’t make the same mistake we did today,” Anthony assured his parents.

 “The lifeguard will still be watching,” Mom said. “Just like Jesus.”