Memory Verses

Jane Landreth

Jun had a big smile as he walked into his church school class. “Guess what, Mrs. Lane? I memorized three Bible verses this week.”

Mrs. Lane looked surprised. “That is a lot, Jun. Did any of the rest of you memorize verses?” she asked the class.

“I forgot,” Michael said. Several of the other children admitted they had forgotten too.

Amelia looked up shyly. “I didn’t forget, but I only memorized one verse.”

“That’s good, Amelia,” Mrs. Lane said. “I think we will have our Bible story and then we can hear the verses.”

The children sat in a circle as Mrs. Lane told the Bible story. Then she asked Jun to recite his verses. He stood up proudly and in a strong voice recited the three verses. Next Mrs. Lane asked Amelia to recite hers.

Amelia’s voice was soft, but she spoke clearly. “‘Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.’ First John four, eleven” (NIV).

“Thank you both,” Mrs. Lane praised. “Boys and girls, do you remember the Bible verse we learned last week?

Let’s say the verse together.” “ ‘I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you’. Psalm one hundred and nineteen, eleven” (NIV).

“By memorizing Bible verses, we keep God’s Word in our hearts,” Mrs. Lane explained. “Now, I think we want to hear the meaning of Jun’s and Amelia’s Bible verses. Jun, will you tell us what your verses mean?”

Jun frowned. “I don’t know. I just learned them so I would know the most verses.”

“I see.” Mrs. Lane smiled. “You thought the important thing was just to know a lot of verses.”

Jun nodded his head.“What about you, Amelia?” Mrs. Lane asked.

“I thought a lot about what verse to learn,” Amelia said. “I felt I needed to learn this verse. I think it means, since God loves us first, we need to love Him and that causes us to love others.”

“Yes, God loves us so we need to love Him and then others,”

Mrs. Lane agreed. “I think Amelia understands her verse. What do you think?”

“I guess I didn’t think of the meaning,” Jun said. “I just wanted you to think I was good at memorizing all those verses.”

“I think we have all learned a good lesson today.” Mrs. Lane smiled at Jun. “It’s OK to be proud of the things we can do well, but the reason for memorizing Bible verses is not to impress people. The point is to understand more about God.”

“I will look at my verses again,” Jun said. “Maybe next Sabbath I can tell you what they mean.”

“We will plan on that,” Mrs. Lane said. “I hope the rest of you will memorize one verse for next week. Learn what it means too.”