I Choose Sabbath

By: Perri Wiggins

Do you want to come over?” Kyle asked Aaron after school.

“No,” Aaron replied.

“Why not?” Kyle asked.

“It’s Sabbath. I have to stay home on Friday nights,” Aaron said.

“I forgot. You go to church,” Kyle said. “I wish you didn’t.”

“I wish I didn’t too,” Aaron said.

Aaron felt left out. His school friends went to Friday night games, Saturday movies,

and school parties. He never got to go.

By the time Aaron got home he was very unhappy. In fact, Aaron was just plain mad

because Mom and Dad wouldn’t let him have fun. He couldn’t even go to his best friend’s

house on Sabbath. It just wasn’t fair.

“Mom, you never let me have fun. I’m the only Seventh-day Adventist at school. I’m

not going to church ever again!” Aaron hollered and stomped down the hall to his room.

“All right,” Mom said.

“All right?” Aaron asked. He stopped and turned around. He was surprised.

“I want it to be your choice,” Mom said. “I want you to go to church and Sabbath

School because you love God. I don’t want you to go only because we tell you to go.”

So that night Aaron went next door to Kyle’s house for the first time on a Friday night.

“I thought you couldn’t come over,” Kyle said.

“I want to have fun like you,” Aaron said.

Kyle’s family sat watching TV. Aaron thought watching TV on Friday night would be

lots of fun, although Kyle’s family didn’t look like they were having much fun.

Kyle and Aaron sat on the sofa and watched TV. Aaron tried to have fun. But it wasn’t

fun at all. He knew he was doing something wrong. He knew the Ten Commandments

said to keep the Sabbath holy. He knew he was not obeying Jesus by watching TV on the

Sabbath. He knew he wanted to love and obey Jesus.

“I thought we would have fun tonight,” Aaron said.

“This is what we always do,” Kyle said.

“I should go home to my family,” Aaron said. “I was wrong. I do love the Sabbath.”

Aaron walked back home. Dad was reading stories from

Primary Treasure

to Mom and

Danny, his little brother. Danny and Mom drew pictures as they listened. A plate of apple

and orange slices sat on the coffee table. They were having more fun than Kyle’s family.

“Come join us,” Dad said.

Aaron drew pictures with Mom and Danny.

“I didn’t have fun at Kyle’s house. They watched TV. That’s all they did. I thought I was

missing out on all the fun. But I wasn’t. They are missing out on the fun,” Aaron said,

when the story was over.

“I’m happy you came home,” Mom said, smiling. “I missed you. Would you like to

invite Kyle to eat Sabbath lunch with us and then go for a hike in the park?”

Aaron ran to Kyle’s house. “Would you like to come eat with us and then go for a hike

after church tomorrow?” Aaron asked.

“Yes!” Kyle replied. “Now that sounds fun!”

“Would you like to come to my Sabbath School and church first?” Aaron asked. He was

scared to ask, but he wanted Kyle to learn about the Sabbath and how much Jesus loved


“OK,” Kyle said.

Aaron was happy for Kyle to meet his friends at Sabbath School. After church they sat

down to eat. “When we go for Sabbath afternoon walks,” Aaron said, “Mom plans a

nature activity. They are really fun.”

“I thought you said you never have fun. I want to go to Sabbath School with you every

week,” Kyle said.

“May I pray?” Aaron asked. “Dear Jesus, thank You for our food. Thank You for the

Sabbath so my family can go to church and on nature walks. Thank You for making me

brave to tell my friend Kyle about Sabbath School. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Aaron felt good. He was with his family on the Sabbath. He felt in his heart that he

made the right choice. He was happy to be a Seventh-day Adventist and keep the

Sabbath. The Sabbath was a fun worship and family day.