By: Annie Applefield

It was lunchtime at Oliver’s preschool. Oliver opened his lunchbox and spread his meal in front of him on the table. He happily munched on the food his mommy had packed for him. Everything was fine until the new kid, who was sitting next to Oliver, took a cookie from the baggie lying between them.

Oliver’s mouth fell open.

He didn’t even ask me if he could have one! That is wrong! I would never do that! He thought to himself.

Oliver didn’t know what to do.

I would like to yell at him for taking my cookie! Oliver thought.

He opened his mouth to say something mean, but Oliver decided to close his mouth without saying a word.

The new kid reached into the baggie and took the last cookie, broke it in two, and put half back in the baggie.

I don’t believe it!

Oliver thought angrily.

He took even more!

What should I do?

Oliver didn’t really know what to do. He decided to pray.

Dear Jesus, what would You do? he prayed silently.

Oliver felt himself calm down. He felt much better. He opened his lunchbox to put the wrappers away and saw another baggie of cookies— the cookies his mommy had packed for him!

Oliver’s face turned red. I have been eating the new kid’s cookies! he realized.

I’m so glad I didn’t say anything mean to him.

Oliver turned to the new kid and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know I was eating your cookies. Want to share mine?”

The new kid smiled. “Thanks!” he said, and reached into Oliver’s baggie.

Thank You, Jesus, that I remembered to pray before I said something mean. Oliver prayed.

Instead of making an enemy, I made a friend.