Save the date... Seriously!

We can hardly contain our excitement as we get ready for Children's Ministries Retreat 2019! We have sent out our Save the Dates, but just in case you're on vacation or you just don't like checking your mail... Here is everything you need to know about our upcoming event:

It's going to be lit. (Lit = Super cool)

It's going to be in downtown Albuquerque, NM.

If you're a Conference Director, Union Director, Children's Ministries Pastor, or Vacation Bible School Coordinator for your conference... You're invited! 

There will be a VBS reveal that you will NOT want to miss.

The food is going to be surreal. We'll be in New Mexico, for crying out loud! 

For more information or a link to register, click on the button below! 

SaveDate card Front WEB.jpg