Day of Hope and Compassion-- April 21-22, 2018

To celebrate our hope, which is fueled by a present life of Compassion and Wholeness, our President Dan Jackson has called for a Day of Hope & Compassion:

Day of Hope & Compassion (April 21-22, 2018) calls for all Adventist Churches, Elementary Schools, Academies, Colleges, Universities, and Hospitals across our Division to join together in reaching out to our neighborhoods, towns, and cities, with our message of Hope and our lifestyle of Compassion. Pastor Dan Jackson, President of the Adventist Church in North America, envisions grand collaboration among church members, church departments, and institutions to bring hope through service, acts of kindness, social media postings, and inspiring, practical literature, which benefits the community in their everyday life. Please, mark your calendars, we need total involvement to make it a reality.

Resources: the North American Division will develop resources and create a media promotional campaign to assist congregations, schools, and hospitals for this extraordinary celebration.

Modeling Hope & Compassion: the North American Division Leadership Team will celebrate the Day of Hope & Compassion by partnering with the local churches, Conferences, and Union in the City of Columbia, Maryland, the home to the future new Headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America. Pastor Dan Jackson and our North American Division Leadership Team would love to see all Union and Conferences Leadership Teams do the same in their geographical areas.

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