“When You Sit at Home” – Discipling Your Child’s Heart in Daily Moments

When you sit at home.png

The first opportunity for home discipleship is the command to teach your children “when you sit at home.” Although it seems incredibly obvious, I do want to take a moment to iterate that this is clearly a mandate for families. Not for a children’s or youth pastor. God’s design is for parents and grandparents to intentionally pass the faith to their children using everyday moments. Your children’s pastor is no doubt NOT sitting at home with your child (although I would encourage you to invite them to your home as an act of hospitality and thankfulness for their ministry to your children!).

When do you sit at home as a family? I have three guesses: dinner time, screen time, and family time.

Dinner time might be the easiest one of all to implement some discipleship opportunities. You are talking about your day, hopefully laughing and encouraging one another. Get our your Bibles and read together. Take a few minutes before you get up from the table to pray for specific prayer requests for family members or other people and situations.

Like it or not, we are usually gathered around screens, large or small, at the same time in the evening or maybe on a Saturday afternoon. This is a “when you sit at home time” for families to talk about the Lord and learn more about Him. You can actually use the screen to accomplish this by watching a Bible story or movie together (think Veggie Tales or I Can Only Imagine depending on the ages of your kids). Or turn that screen time into screen-free time and explore how you can learn and grow in the Lord together.

Lastly, you probably have family time even if that’s not what you call it. Maybe you call it family movie night or family game night. If you have already created space to just enjoy being together as a family, ask God how you can make the most of this time. It should shock you that Family Time is a big proponent of “family time!” I’d encourage you to check out our free activity archive and see how our family Bible activities can make your normal family time into something extraordinary.

Sitting at home sure sounds a lot more interesting now, doesn’t it? Let God guide your family and please share a comment on ideas you have for “when you sit at home.”