Making the Most of Every Opportunity (Deuteronomy 6 Moments)

Making the most of every opportunity-05.png

Are you ever just amazing by God’s Word? Deuteronomy 6 is one of those passages that blows me away. In just a few verses, our wise Heavenly Father gives us incredibly practical steps for passing our faith to the next generation.

Whether your child is still in diapers or you’ve launched them into adulthood (and perhaps even been blessed with grandbabies!) you can apply these Biblical principles to your relationship with your child. God desires for us to make the most of every opportunity for the sake of the Gospel. Deuteronomy 6 gives us four natural areas where we can even create opportunities for spiritual growth moments.

Over the next four days, I’m going to unpack each of these four key opportunities in more detail, but first I want to case the vision for why you should and why it makes so much sense to use these opportunities as part of God’s perfect design for passing the faith.

The Deuteronomy 6 command is to “talk about these things,” meaning the things of God: the Word of God, His promises, and the things He has done. The first opportunity to talk about is “when you sit at home.” Let’s translate this to: times when the family is at home together. (I don’t think the sitting part is required… which is good because young parents don’t tend to sit much!) When you are at home together, hopefully you’re talking already so make this a time to intentionally talk about the Lord.

The second opportunity is when you “walk along the way.” Modern translation? When you’re in the car. When you’re going from grovery store to soccer practice to grandma’s house to the school carpool lane. Being together during these times is a perfect opportunity to talk about that Lord. Of course there is nothing wrong with an actual family walk! These were some of our family’s favorite times to talk about the Lord.

“When you lie down” is the third opportunity to talk about the Lord. These are our night time routines. Bible reading, listening to audio Bible stories, singing songs about God, praying together… these are all wonderful ways to end your day together before going to bed.

Our morning routines are the fourth opportunity outlined in Deuteronomy 6. We’re instructed to talk about the Lord “when you get up.” If you’re able to have breakfast as a family, this is a great time for a devotional reading. Or consider using this time to pray together, practice memorizing scripture or sing a song together.

If you have children at home (or have your grandchildren in your home from time to time), I hope you can see how these specific times are wonderful opportunities for talking about God as a family. But you may be wondering what I mean for those who have adult children. I want to highlight a few ideas:

1)     Invite them for dinner and talk with them about what God is doing in your life and theirs

2)     Consider taking a short trip or vacation once a year with your adult child(ren) and use it as an opportunity to talk about the Lord

3)     Pray for your adult children at night

4)     Call or text your adult child at least one morning each week

I hope you’ll join us for the next few days to explore each of these opportunities and that God would use it to help you to make the most of each moment with your children!