Copy of “When You Get Up” – Rethinking Your Morning Routine to Bless Your Children

When you get up.png

We’ve come to the final command, rounding out the four specific opportunities God tells us to use to pass the faith along to our children. Interestingly, this is actually the first thing I would have put on the list… I would have started at the beginning of the day and then worked by way through “along the road” to “when you sit at home” then “when you lie down.” Isn’t that interesting? Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to be a linear thinker. So what do you think God intends by putting this last in the list?

I don’t really have a great guess. But here’s my logic. You’ve surely heard the expression that you can “wake up on the wrong side of the bed.” Some days we wake up and feel like we’re ready to conquer the day. Other days we’d rather pull the blankets up over our heads and just stay put! The Lord know and he understands.

Mornings can make or break our day. And maybe that’s why this is last on the list. Yes, the others are important, but don’t forget moms and dads… make it a priority to build your child up in the things of the Lord FIRST THING before the day gets away from you. When someone probably woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you can put the focus right back where it belongs: on the hope we have in Jesus and the wonderful Gospel.

Here are the ## ways you can incorporate spiritual teaching “when you get up:”

1)     Have God’s Word at the breakfast table. I think this is the best setting for a quick devotional or Scripture reading. Chances are you’re having to move fast for parents to get to work or kids to get to school. But taking a few minutes to acknowledge that you need to put God first will set a positive tone for the rest of your day.

2)     Consider posting encouraging scripture verses on the bathroom mirror so that everyone can see them as they are getting ready for their day.

3)     Play energizing Christian music or praise and worship to set the tone – there is nothing better than praising God and remembering His goodness as a family in the morning hours.

4)     Pray a special blessing out-loud over your children. You may choose a special prayer that you will pray each and every day, but touch them, hug them, and look them in the eye so they know you are blessing them through the power of God as you all go about your day.

Mornings have gotten a bad rap. Commercials and pop culture want us to buy into caffeine or highly sugared breakfast treats being the answer to our sluggish behavior or bad mood, but I sure believe that God can transform us as we create intentional space to honor him with our morning routines… with or without coffee! 😉