Let's get walkin'


Did you know that every year NAD VBS picks a mission project to sponsor? They encourage kids to collect donations to help other kids in need! (Find out more here: Operation Wheels)

This year, our VBX (Vacation Bible Experience), Cactusville, is featuring "Operation Wheels". Operation Wheels is a Kids-helping-kids Refugee Mission project. 

In 2016, nearly 85,000 refugee came to the United States! Arizona, where Operation Wheels funds are headed, is in the top 6 in the nation of states that receive refugees!

We are so excited about this mission project that we decided it was time that not only the children raised funds, but we did too! Children's Ministries of the North American Divison is encouraging our directors, presenters, SS teachers, parents, and staff to participate in a Walk-a-thon!

So here is how it work!

What? A walk-a-thon. Simply get people to sponsor your activity! (Ex; $.50 per lap or mile, $5.00 per lap or mile). Here is the petition for you can use: Petition Form

Who? YOU! That's right. If you love children, and are passionate about Operation Wheels and what everything that Operation Wheels does... You're in!

Where? Right where you are. Just pick a spot, and start walking. Use an app to track your progress. Here's a list of a few good ones: List of Apps

When? From now until December 31st. Choose a day that works best for you or your family! 

How? Use #OperationWheelsVBX to promote and push this initiative on your social media pages! Wear your shirts (Order your shirt by emailing katibritton@nadadventist.org --Just $10 a shirt) and start asking around for sponsors!