Father's Day!

Father's are so special and they come in all shapes and sizes. No matter how they look, or sound they're special and we want to make sure they know it.

That's why, we have created this Father's Day Craft for you to try at home with your children. The great thing is that it's not too pricey and it can be detailed to each Father differently! Try it! 

Also, check out this SPECIAL ACTIVITY for Father's Day as well that you might be able to try! 

Check out this easy-to-do craft! All you need it a pot (you can even use an old one), some rocks (find some outside), hot glue, stencils, markers/paint, and some popsicle sticks!

Thank you for ALL that you do, Father's. We don't know where we would be about you. Thank you for the long hours you spend teaching your children about Jesus. Thank you for helping them