To Empower.

To empower.

Children's Ministries in the North American Division have made it their goal to Empower our leaders so that they can impact our kids. A task we don't take lightly. 

The definition in Merriam-Webster's Dictionary for the word empower simply means; "to give power to (someone)". 

Words like, entitle, entrust, grant,  legitimize, permit, vest, accredit, charge & commission all come to mind when thinking about this privilege we have as a team to better serve our purpose. 

In such a rapidly-growing world, we have decided to bring our magazine to an easy-to-access platform. Available right at your fingerprints wherever you are, our magazine will be brought to you on a weekly basis with a variety of tools to help empower YOU to lead in your ministry. 

These tools will hopefully remain relevant and useful to you in your ministries, churches, homes, schools, and even in your communities as you relate with kids.

If you have an suggestions of topics you wish to learn more about, let us know! We will do our research and find the experts for you!

Welcome & Enjoy.

-The Editor.

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